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Employee Credit Co-operative Society

Employee Credit co-operative society is one that aids and maintains the individuals of any organization or society inside that organization or society. The fundamental goal of this cooperative is for the members to be self-satisfied and self-sufficient. The employee credit cooperative Society relies on economical shares and savings plans to help individuals thrive. With updated and optimized application portfolios, our developers, designers, and support team help enterprises achieve financial and operational savings.

Employee and Staff Welfare credit societies have emerged across India to assist employees on the basis of cooperation. Emp. Credit societies are used by the majority of government departments, private and limited companies, and other businesses. Only employees of a reputable company can join and acquire shares in this Emp. Society. After that, members deposit money in the society by various methods such as commingled savings, recurring deposits, fixed deposits, and so on, and members in need of funds can borrow money from the society. Because societies do not function for profit, interest rates for loans are relatively low. Societies function more smoothly in this manner.


  • Our ECCS software can readily adjust to changes without any difficulty.
  • ECCS software allows excellent control on operational functions and enables immediate customization to meet organizational commitment of co-operatives.
  • Consulting, management, and application development are all included in Esahakara web solution.
  • Members of the society can access services through a mobile app, a website, and other means. Our software is intended to work in tandem with third-party solutions.