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Producer Co-operative Society

Esahakara web solutions producer company software is the greatest and most specialized software tool for managing any type of producer business society. Esahakara software is designed for producers who need to manage fundamental banking functions including fixed deposits, recurring deposits, daily deposit schemes, customer loans, monthly income schemes, dividend declarations, and so on. Our software development experience is combined with our important client's perspective and in-depth understanding of their organization and the activities they need to do in order to run their business more efficiently.

The producers' cooperative society is the most well-known among all industry and society producers. A cooperative society's goal is mutual advantage, based on mutual trust, rather than profit. Producers' cooperative societies are known for their simple establishment, cheap capital, and production focus. There is no provision for a member of the society to sell or transfer his or her shares in the society's capital.


  • • An Esahakara web solution is committed to delivering high-quality services on schedule and in accordance with the needs of its customers.
  • • Our programme manages all savings, current accounts, FDs, RDs, DDSs, and member data.
  • • Co-operative Societies are typically created by persons with little economic means due to the elimination of the intermediary.
  • • This firm and its customers receive products at the lowest possible price. Credit trading is prohibited due to the importance of liquidity and money safety.
  • • Members of a co-operative society are only liable to a limited extent. Members' liability is restricted to the amount of capital they have contributed.
  • • • We understand and respect our customers' entitlement to obtain high-quality services that are delivered on time and on budget.